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Official Press Release
November 21, 2019

Official Press Release

February 4, 2020


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Lawmakers Urged to Reject Billion Dollar Casino Offer
“Alabama is not for sale. Lawmakers Shouldn’t Be Either.”

(Montgomery, Al) – Poarch Creek Accountability Now in 2019 began calling for the Poarch Casino Operation to play by the same rules as other Alabama businesses. Unlike other businesses, the casino operation today pays zero state taxes on its casino operations in Alabama. At a press conference today, the group renewed its call for accountability, urging lawmakers to reject the billion dollar plan offered by the casino operation in exchange for a gambling monopoly and backing a proposal to prohibit lawmakers from accepting contributions from casino operators.

In recent years, the Poarch Creek Casino Operation (PCCO) has pumped $4 million into Alabama politics to influence the state, in part to ensure that a lottery will not become reality. Meanwhile, the Poarch Creek Casino Operation pays zero in state taxes on their casino profits, but has spent billions purchasing casinos in Pennsylvania and the Caribbean.

“The fact that the Poarch Creek Casino Operation is taking tax-free casino profits in Alabama and buying casinos in places like Pennsylvania where they do pay taxes is simply an abuse of the system,” said Poarch Creek Accountability Now Director and former state senator Gerald Dial.

The Poarch Creek Casino Operation is now offering a billion dollars in exchange for two new, full-fledged casinos and a gambling monopoly in Alabama. Many of the same lawmakers being asked to approve this billion dollar quid pro quo are ones who’ve taken campaign contributions from the Poarch Creek Casino Operation.

“Lawmakers should not accept money from casino interests, nor should casino operators like the Poarch be allowed to spend millions to influence state politics,” explained Dial. “We stand strongly in support of legislation banning the Poarch and other casino operators from giving money to state lawmakers."

“Alabama is not for sale,” said Dial, “and state lawmakers shouldn’t be either.”