Hold the Poarch Creek Casino Operation Accountable Now!

Today, the Poarch Creek Casino Operation pays nothing on their Alabama casino profits.

Now they want even more.

The Poarch Creek Casino Operation spent $1.55 billion on a single casino in Pennsylvania.
They think Alabama is only worth a billion dollars.

Poarch Creek Accountability Now exists to educate the public about the various ways that
the Poarch Creek Casino Operation lacks accountability to Alabama.


  • Make the Operation pay its fair share of taxes to Alabama like the rest of us.
  • Hold the Operation accountable to our laws.
  • Stop them from interfering in elections and controlling elected officials.

Tell Alabama’s Leaders to Hold the Poarch Creek Casino Operation Accountable

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February 4, 2020

Official Press Release

February 4, 2020 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDIA REQUESTS: Contact: Ronda Robinson Phone: 205-602-2123 Email: carminecommunications@gmail.com Lawmakers Urged to Reject Billion Dollar Casino Offer “Alabama is not for sale. Lawmakers Shouldn’t Be Either.” (Montgomery, Al) – Poarch Creek Accountability Now in 2019 began calling for the Poarch Casino Operation to play by the same rules as other Alabama businesses. Unlike other businesses, the casino operation today pays zero state taxes on its casino operations in Alabama. […]
November 21, 2019

Official Press Release

STATEMENT BY GERALD DIAL Executive Director Poarch Creek Accountability Now November 21, 2019 PCI Offers “Quid Pro Quo” to Alabama The Poarch Creek Casino Operation pays no taxes on their Alabama casino profits, but as we recently saw in their new “plan” – Now they want even more! Blacks legal dictionary describes “Quid Pro Quo” as “something for something.” Recently the Poarch Creek Casino Operation offered 1 Billion Dollars to the State of Alabama in […]
October 17, 2019

Official Press Release

October 17, 2019 FOR MORE INFORMATION Contact: Chip Hill Phone: 334-332-8225 Email: chiphillmedia@gmail.com Poarch Creek Casino Operation Is Clear We “Are Exempt From State and Local Taxes” The Poarch Creek Casino Operation (PCCO) issued a statement yesterday in which they said, “We continue to pay taxes, like all legal, responsible businesses do.” Not only is this statement factually incorrect – PCCO pays no taxes on gambling revenue – they have gone to federal court to […]

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